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Thanks for visiting the website of the Northwest Coin Club! Our local club has a rich history in the promotion of coin collecting and the education of Minnesota collectors. Founded in 1934, the NWCC is the oldest coin club in the Minneapolis - Saint Paul area and thought to be the 2nd oldest “regularly meeting” club in the entire country! Education is the main reason our club exists and we are committed to providing local enthusiasts with the best and most current information available. If you are a serious collector -or just thinking about becoming serious- joining a local coin club can be the best step towards enriching your hobby of numismatics. But don’t let the word “serious” scare you. The NWCC is comprised mostly of true hobbyists who collect coins and currency simply for the joy of it. We are not primarily focused on “turning a quick profit” from our endeavors, but on learning long-term strategies, best practices and especially on having lots of fun along the way. If you are a coin collector in the Twin Cities Metro area, we highly recommend you attend one of our monthly meetings and experience the camaraderie, fellowship and education offered by the Northwest Coin Club!

WELCOME TO THE twin cities’ best coin club!

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